As a Wine Club VIP:

  • You will receive invitations to at least four complimentary wine tastings per year for yourself and one guest.

  • You may store your wine (up to twelve 750 ml bottles at a time) in the club’s secure, climate-controlled wine cabinet.

  • You will qualify to purchase cases of wine through the GCC at COST + 10% + 5% Tax; Minimum 12 bottles per order – OK to mix wines-even from different vendors.  GCC House Wines may not be purchased through the Wine Club.

  • You will be given a discounted corkage fee of only $5.00 per bottle to consume up to six 750 ml bottles of your wine on any given day.  These bottles may be consumed during regular A La Carte Dining or in the Main Bar or Grill.  Wine Club purchases and/or wine purchased outside of club may be used at preplanned functions (i.e. parties) and will be charged the full $20.00 per 750 ml corkage fee.

  • You will gain increased knowledge of wines at each tasting, and discover new wines to add to your enjoyment.

  • You will receive personalized service!  We will assist you in locating your favorite wine from our vendors.  When your wine order arrives, we will load it into your car or store it at the club.

  • You will receive VIP treatment!  Call ahead, and we will have your favorite bottle waiting at your table.

  • Unique to this wine club, even if your wine was purchased elsewhere, as long as you are a GCC Wine Club Member, you will still qualify to store up to 12 bottles and pay the reduced corkage fee.

If interested in joining or for more information, please contact Mike.