The GadsdenCountry Club
Usage Rules

Updated 4/19/2019


The Officers, the Board of Governors, the General Manager, and the employees wish to make
the Gadsden Country Club a pleasant place for all members to enjoy within the bounds of the
Club Rules.
The best way to do this is to acquaint yourself with the facilities and activities and participate in
the ones which appeal most to you. Please familiarize yourself with and observe these simple
rules which are designed to help you enjoy your club.
These rules are intended not to impose any undue restrictions and exist solely to enable the
membership to obtain the maximum benefit from our facilities.
Violators of these rules may be penalized as provided by the Constitution and By-Laws of the
Club and as determined by the Board of Governors.


The clubhouse will be open to members and guests Tuesday—Friday. Saturday nights and other
special occasions the clubhouse shall remain open no later than 12:00 P.M. The clubhouse will
be closed all day on Monday, Saturday and Sunday. The clubhouse will be closed all day on
Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and New Years Day.
Members are encouraged to use the Clubhouse for private entertainment, but must understand
that, under the rules, the Clubhouse always is available to all members and Guests. Clubhouse
furniture is not to be moved at anytime.
Members must sign tickets for all purchases before leaving the Club. Full and legible signatures
must be used and the use of nicknames on tickets is prohibited. It is mandatory that membership
numbers be written on all charge tickets.
Arrangements for private luncheons, dinners, dances, and other functions must be made in
advance through the Club Event Coordinator (Leia Cook) and shall be subject to such
conditions and fees as prescribed by the Board of Governors.
The Club will not be responsible for loss of or damage to property or injury to persons on the
Club premises.
See Office Manager for dog walking guidelines.
No decorations involving use of tacks or nails in the woodwork or damage to the building will
be permitted. Extra lights, wiring, and materials must be fireproof and have the approval of the
Manager. Golf or spiked shoes will not be worn beyond designated points in the Clubhouse.
The Landscape of the club shall not be cut, broken, or mutilated in any manner.
Members are expected to dress appropriately while in the clubhouse. No hats allowed in the
dining area, Business casual is acceptable attire for Men and Women
Members are not permitted to bring into the clubhouse food supplies, other than birthday or
wedding cakes.

No alcoholic beverages shall be served or consumed in the clubhouse other than those served by
the Club. Beverages to be served in connection with a private party will be purchased from the
Club at prices established. No one under 21 years of age will be served any alcoholic
beverages; neither will anyone under 21 years of age be served any alcoholic beverage at any
function held at the clubhouse or on the grounds of the Gadsden Country Club.
Children under the age of 12 years will not be admitted to the Clubhouse or grounds unless
accompanied by an adult member of the child's family who is responsible for their safety and
conduct. Children under the age 18 years will not be allowed the use of the Clubhouse after
6:00 P.M. unless accompanied by an adult member of the child's family. Children under the
age of 18 years are not permitted to be in the men's or ladies' locker room, or bar.
Owners and drivers of vehicles must observe such traffic and parking regulations as might be
adopted and posted.


In house guests shall have privileges of the Club, except the right to entertain non-member
guests at the Club. Members requesting In house guest privileges are responsible for all conduct
and indebtedness/charges from their guests. In house guest privileges will be given when the
Member contacts the Club Manager for approval of in house guest privileges when the member
cannot be present.

In house guests must meet the following guidelines.
1. They are out of county residents.
2. They are physically staying in the home of the member as a bona fide overnight guest and not a resident guest.

3. Two week max of usage time per year for in house guests.
4. Non Resident members do not have In House Guest Privileges.

The Gadsden Country Club Use and Clean Fees

Member use fees are for weekends only
Formal Banquet Area (FBA) $400
(Ballroom, Main DR, Living Room, Williamsburg, Charleston)
Ballroom $300
Magnolia Room $200
Camellia Room $200
Main Dining Room $150
Main Bar $150
Tennis Pavilion and/or Tennis Lounge $150
Living Room $100
(If food or beverage is served and room is not used in conjunction with Main Dining Room or FBA)
Magnolia Terrace Only $100
Ladies Lounge $50
Williamsburg Room $50
Charleston Room $50
Natchez room $50
Pool or Playground $50

CLEAN-UP FEES (Are applied all days)
Clean-up Fees are charged to all Special Functions.
Formal Banquet Area $150
Ballroom or Magnolia Room $100
Tennis Pavilion and/or Tennis Lounge $50
Main Dining Room, Living Room, Main Bar Camellia Room $50
Ladies Lounge or Main Bar $50
Williamsburg, Charleston, Natchez or Magnolia Terrace $25
Pool or Playground $25

The Gadsden Country Club Accepts all major Credit Cards


Only Full Resident and Non-Resident members have golf privileges.
Social members do not have golf privileges and are considered guests on the golf course


Hours of Operation, Guest & Cart fees, Rules of Play, Tournament Schedule and other timely
information is posted or available in the golf pro shop. Any damage caused by an individual to
GCC property or someone else's property will be the responsibility of the person who caused it.
(This includes an errant golf ball). The GCC will not accept responsibility for the damages.

Order of Play
All players must check in and sign in the pro shop before starting play.
The #1 tee opens at 8:00 (weather pending) #10 tee opens at approximately 9:30.
We do not require or offer tee times to play
All play must register in the golf shop before starting to play.
All play must start on hole No. 1 unless approved by Golf Professional or Golf Shop Staff .
Juniors age 14 and under may be restricted on playing between 10:00 A.M. and 1:00 P.M. on
Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays.
Children under the age of twelve (12) will not be permitted to play golf or use the golf practice
facilities unless accompanied by an adult member of a members family who is responsible for
their safety and conduct or as approved by the Golf Professional Staff.
Foursomes have priority and right of way on the golf course.
Groups smaller than four (4) do not have the right of way and should not expect to play through
larger groups on busier days.
Groups larger than five (5) must check with the pro shop staff for approval, starting time and

The golf practice range hours are posted in the pro shop with closing times varying with
daylight hours, weather and maintenance
Practice is not permitted anywhere on the golf course except on the practice range.
If you have more than two (2) balls in play anywhere on the golf course then you are in violation of the rules.
Chipping or pitching is not allowed on the upper putting green
Private owned practice balls are not allowed on the practice range at any time, including Mondays


Care of Golf Course
Fill your divot and any other you see with the green sand provided.
Repair your ball mark and any other you see on the greens.
Enter and exit the sand bunkers at the lowest point, take a rake with you and rake the sand as
you exit the bunker. Leave rake outside the bunker.

Dress Code

Men & Boys
Slacks and or shorts and shirts with a collar and sleeves are required on the golf course and all
practice areas.
Tank tops, shirts without sleeves or a collar, bathing suit, gym shorts, tennis shorts or cut off
blue jeans are not allowed on the golf course or any practice area.
Skirts, shorts, skorts or slacks/Capri pants and golf appropriate shirts are required on the golf
course and all practice areas.
swim suits, tank tops, gym shorts, cut off blue jeans are not allowed on the golf course or any
practice area.
We are a ‘Soft Spike’ golf course. metal spikes are not allowed on the golf course or any of the
practice areas. Golf shoes with soft spikes and tennis type shoes are acceptable.
Boots, Baseball, football, or any type ripple or lug type shoes are not permitted on the golf
course or any practice area. If in doubt check with the Golf Pro before starting play.

Guest Fees
Full Resident members of The Gadsden Country Club may invite guests as follows:
All guests must be accompanied by the member unless approved by the Director of Golf.
Non-Resident members are charged a $20 green fee for 18 holes and a $12 green fee for 9
holes. (Plus cart fee if riding)
All guests must be registered in the Golf Pro Shop by the member before starting to play.
Guests are allowed four rounds max during the calendar year.
Social members do not have golf privileges. They are considered Guests and must pay a guest
fee when playing. They are allowed only four rounds during the calendar year and must play
with a full member.

18 Hole Guest fee: $60 (includes cart)
9 Hole Guest Fee: $30 (includes cart)

Tax will be applied to all fees and purchases

Guest fees are approved by the Board of Governors of the Gadsden Country Club

Golf Activities and Tournaments

A schedule of golf activities and tournaments and the availability of play for non contestants on
those days is posted and/or available in the golf pro shop.
Club events are for men and ladies, entries are limited to dues paying members, their spouse
and dependent children 18 through 22 or as otherwise specified for a specific event.
Junior tournaments are for dependents of a dues paying member age 17 and under.
The Gadsden Country Club Junior Champions, boys and girls, may qualify for their respective
adult club championship tournaments. These juniors must qualify for the championship flight
in order to play and will participate in the tournament only, no social activities.

Golf Carts
Club owned rental carts are rented on "First come, first serve, basis".
Charges are per rider and/or bag.
Two Club carts max per threesome or foursome in a group, three carts max per five some.
The Cart Plan is an annual plan that’s active until the end of the year. Once you sign up for the
cart plan you must stay on it until the end of the year. To come off the cart plan for the next
year you must contact the General Manager by the end of the year.
Maximum of two (2) riders per cart.
No one under age sixteen (16) is permitted to rent or drive a golf cart on Gadsden Country Club
property, club owned or private cart. Driver must have a driver’s license.
Member or their guest will be responsible for any damage to a club rental cart during use of
All golf cart drivers must observe operational rules as posted in the golf shop window and on
number one (1) tee, number ten (10) tee and as per hole when necessary.
Those people with ‘Special Cart Privileges’ (physical disability) need to check in the golf shop
for specifics during inclement weather.
Private owned carts are to be used only when the owner is present and playing in the group.
You can not borrow a private cart.
Any member who does not own a private cart but does ride in a private cart must pay a cart fee
as set by the Board of Governors.
All private carts that are not involved with playing golf must remain on cart paths at all times.
All private carts must be registered and inspected if used on GCC property. Private cart owners
must provide insurance for their cart.
All guest fees and cart fees are approved by the Board of Governors of the Gadsden Country


A member may have use of a private cart on the golf course to play golf only if they own
and reside on the golf course. The member must furnish the club with proper
documentation thereof and pay a monthly trail fee if they play golf.


Only Full Resident members have Tennis privileges.

Social Members do not have Tennis privileges and are considered guests at Tennis


Court register for all courts (1-12) must be signed at all times. Players who have not signed up
are subject to sacrificing their court. Play is limited to 1 hour when others are waiting.
Juniors have equal status with adults on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday on all
courts. On Saturday and Sunday juniors can be bumped if court space is needed by adults.
Full Resident Dues paying members of the Gadsden Country Club may invite guests as follows;
1. Guests are permitted to play once per month, a maximum of 12 times per year.
2. The member must be present with the guest. (With the exception of In House Guests)
3. Junior guest fees are the same as adult fees.
4. Non-Resident members must pay a guest fee when playing tennis.
4. Guest fees are $10 per guest
5. Guest fees are as approved by the Board of Governors.
No Court reservations—first come, first serve basis. Reservations are allowed and must be
made for all USTA Matches. Please give the Tennis Pro a copy of the schedule, how many
courts needed and what time you need them in advance.
USTA rules of courtesy and etiquette will apply at all times.
Proper tennis attire is required. No cut cut-offs, gym shorts, biking pants, men's tank tops,

bathing suits, bare feet, see through clothing, sleeveless shirts for men, visually loud sport/t-
shirts, ladies halter tops or shoes other than tennis shoes will be allowed on the courts. Black

soled shoes are not allowed on the hard courts.
When courts are crowded it is strongly suggested that all play be doubles. The Pro will use his
discretion regarding court play.


Lifeguards are in charge of the Pool and responsible for the safety of everyone in the pool area,
which is defined as the entire fenced area.

Pool Hours:

Monday through Thursday 10:00 A.M. – 8:00 P.M.
Friday & Saturday 10:00 A.M. – 9:00 P.M.
Sunday 12:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M.

Grill Hours:

Monday through Thursday 10:00 A.M. – 7:30 P.M.
Friday & Saturday 10:00 A.M. – 8:30 P.M.
Sunday 12:00 P.M. - 7:30 P.M.

(Hours change once schools starts back)

Entire Pool Complex is subject to close in inclement weather.

Not permitted in Pool area:

1. All Food or Drinks from outside sources.
2. Glass of any kind, including bottles of lotion and oil.
3. Throwing of heavy or hard balls, or tennis balls.
4. Bicycles or vehicles other than baby carriages or seats.
5. Animals.
6. Absolutely NO SMOKING
Not permitted in the Pool:
1. Throwing others into pool.
2. Hanging on divider rope between swimming and diving area.
3. Children over 6 years old are not permitted in the baby pool.

Not permitted at diving boards:

1. Swimming under diving boards.
2. Diving or jumping from boards or deck dangerously near others.
3. Horseplay on diving boards and ladders.
4. Jumping from diving boards any place other than straight out at the end.
5. More than one person on the diving board at a time.
6. Anyone on the ladder when someone is on the diving board.
7. No more than one bounce on board.
8. Backflips and other dangerous acts.

No running is permitted on the pool deck, defined as that area paved with concrete
surrounding the swimming pool, splash pad & adjacent wooden decks.

No underage drinking or gambling is allowed in pool area.

Conduct or activity not specifically enumerated or described above, which in the judgment of
the lifeguard on duty may be dangerous or unsafe is not allowed and must be ceased on request
by the lifeguard.


Release forms must be signed for swimming without a lifeguard present. Forms are located at
the sign in table in the top drawer and at the Clubhouse office. Swimming may only take place
during the daylight hours before 7:00PM. The pool is subject to be closed at times for chemical
applications and cleaning.


Every person entering the swimming pool must sign in.


All parties must be scheduled with the Pool Manager - Steve Roach


Dues paying members of the Gadsden Country Club may invite guests as follows:


1. No Visitors allowed (Except In House Guests) for the first seven (7) days the pool is open.
2. All guests must be accompanied by a member. Guest fees are $10 per guest Monday - Thursday and $20 per guest Friday - Sunday. No fees for In House Guests.
3. Maximum of 3 visitors per member at one time unless visitors are family.
4. Children going into the 6th grade are allowed to be dropped off for the day Parents must fill out an emergency card when doing so.
5. Baby sitters should bring only the children of the member. No guest fees for babysitters
6. All Members and Guests are required to sign in at the front entrance in three ring binder with Member/Guest name and date.



Grandchildren of members are permitted as long as the member is present at the pool and
the child is 15 or under.


Members must be present when guests are present (except In House Guests)


No fishing before 6:00pm. Children 12 and under must be accompanied by
an adult and all fishing must be done in ponds surrounding the pool area.
Fishing must not interfere with Golf or Tennis. Those fishing must not
wonder out onto the golf course. (Stay off greens and tee boxes).